About Us

Signal Health Consulting was founded as a result of an ever-growing need for transparency in the healthcare space.

It is apparent that without transparency there can be no meaningful consumerism and yet, we ask patients to be responsible and informed consumers of health care while never being able to give them data on cost or quality beforehand.

Employers continue to accept rising health plan costs at each renewal with the belief that there’s no other option. We aim to crack open Pandora’s box and show employers where their money is being wasted and abused. Did you know employers are paying up to 40% more in their current plan than the actual cost of care and plan administration?

About our Signal Consulting Founder & CEO:
Emma Fox

With 15 years in the insurance industry, Emma (Pass̩) Fox is well-known as the Chief Operating Officer at the renowned benefits agency, E Powered Benefits Рan organization committed to only open-access, value-based health plans.

Emma has a fierce love of data that is utilized to execute savings strategies for employer groups. Using hands-on analysis and innovative benefit plan architecture, Emma has been able to bring startling clarity to her clients’ biggest culprit of financial waste – health care. She has been an outspoken advocate for transparency in the insurance industry in print and on stages nationwide.

Emma loans her expertise to a variety of industry organizations and created the first consultant certification course for Open Access Health Plans. Seeing a need for a middle ground approach to health care cost disruption, Signal Health Consulting was formed in partnership with E Powered Benefits.

Emma is passionate about women’s leadership, mentoring, socializing, speaking, cooking, and traveling with her partner and their combination of four children.