Healthcare Diagnostics


MLR’s, PPO’s, PBM’s, TPA’s, HSA’s…

What are you really paying for and who are you paying to deliver these vague acronyms to your workforce?

Superfluous programs cost money and continue to provide neutral or negative value.

Poor analytics, mismanagement of disease  burden, and the systemic perverse incentives are all contributing to your excessive healthcare  costs.


Compensation Structure

How much of your healthcare spend is going toward paying someone a commission? Often we are left blissfully unaware of the excess money going out the door that isn’t contributing toward your plan or the care being delivered to your members. We’ll show you where the commissions are coming from and how their commissions increase when your health plan costs do!

Plan Designs

How does your plan design incentivize better healthcare  decision making? We’ll take a look at your plan structure,  covered benefits, and your pre-certification processes as  well as the payroll contributions and out of pocket costs  your members are responsible for and show you where the  value is being provided and where it might be lacking.

Claims Analysis

Have you ever really looked at where your health care budget  is being spent? A lot of employers attribute their rising costs to health insurance premiums but it’s the healthcare your  money is being spent on! The increase in your claims spend  directly contributes to the increase in your premiums and  your employees contributions. Our claims analysis will show  you where the highest quality healthcare is being delivered  and the proven trend that employees who seek care in  higher quality environments actually cost your plan less.


How does your benefit offering stack against your  competitive market? We’ll show you how to build  a benefit platform to attract and retain the talent you need in your organization as well as identify the  risks and financial projections for your future.

Ancillary Lines

Wellness programs, company incentives, life insurance,  disability income protection, HRA’s, biometrics – how  are your supplemental coverages complementing your  benefit portfolio? Let’s build a custom plan design that  fits your employee culture more specifically than ever,  while lowering your costs and increasing the quality  and accessibility of care for everyone enrolled.