The Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment for employer sponsored health plans.

It’s no secret or surprise that healthcare costs have become unaffordable and unsustainable across the board. Employers are seeing their health insurance costs become their second or third largest expense after payroll, and even with costs at an all-time high, employers are still having to scale back benefits while being pummeled with cost increases year over year.

How many employers rely on their own broker to review the very benefits he/she is placing and being compensated for? Employers need a trusted and neutral source of audit and review when it comes to their benefits and the consultant they’ve paid and tasked to deliver the very best and cost effective health insurance solutions.

Signal Consulting has launched its Health Plan Diagnostics package; designed to carefully audit every contract, policy, and cost layer an employer has in place today. The package will include an “assessment” of current benefit portfolio and a look at historic benefit trend where available including, cost allocations, change trends, and premium inflations, plus a very intimate look at the brokers compensation patterns along the way. The review process provides a full “diagnosis” of an employers health plan, outlining both the good aspects of the benefits package and an outline of the financial waste, some of which an employer just simply cannot see behind the scenes.

While the program aims to uncover and correct the excessive cost patterns of health insurance purchasing, the program also looks at the clinical health trend of the plans covered members. How well is the workforce, how and where is care currently being delivered, or, is care being avoided completely? And, when care is being received, can employees really afford to pay for it?

The final step offers a “treatment” — a comprehensive review of the company culture, demographic, and tolerance for change and then recommends a health plan architecture to meet the goals of the company using a three-step approach so employers can choose how aggressively and quickly to implement changes.

In addition, the diagnostics program looks at validating your current consultant and their practices, or making a referral to partner employers with a more aligned consultant who is credentialed in cost containment and plan management through organizations like Health Rosetta and/or consultants with the Certified Health Value Advisors (CHVA) designation. Signal Consulting only refers to consultants that commit to fee-only advising with commission prohibitions in place.

Interested in understanding where your money is really going? Contact us to get started on your Health Plan Diagnostics.