MLR’s, PPO’s, PBM’s, TPA’s, HSA’s… What are you really paying for and who are you paying to deliver these vague acronyms to your workforce?  Superfluous programs cost more money than healthcare itself, and they continue to provide neutral or negative value.  Poor analytics, mismanagement of disease  burden, and the systemic perverse incentives are all contributing to your excessive healthcare costs — including what you’re paying your broker.



Does your plan design incentivize better healthcare decision making?  You might think your wellness programs and HRA contributions are helping, but they don’t and they can’t because traditional network health plans won’t allow it.  We’ll take a look at your plan structure, your covered benefits, and your pre-certification processes, as well as the payroll contributions and out of pocket costs your members are responsible for.  We’ll show you where the value is being provided and where it’s lacking.


We bet you’ve seen a spreadsheet or even a PowerPoint with some colorful analytics a time or two, but how much do you really know about your own claims spend?  You should know it all.   A lot of employers attribute their rising costs to health insurance premiums but it’s the cost of healthcare that drives that expense!  Our claims analysis will show you where the highest (and lowest) quality healthcare is being delivered and the proven trend that employees who seek care in higher quality environments actually cost your plan less.


If all your broker is showing you is how you stack up against the shop down the road, you’re missing a whole lot of information.  We don’t believe benchmarking gives you the real run down on insurance and benefits, but it has its place in recruitment and retention.  You need to know if your benefits package is competitive; not because it’s the same as your competition, but because it’s BETTER.  We’ll show you how to build a benefit portfolio to attract and retain the talent you need in your organization as well as identify the risks and financial projections for your future.


Wellness programs, company incentives, life insurance,  disability income protection, HRA’s, biometrics – are your extra insurance policies complementing your benefit portfolio or supplementing it?  We’ll show you how to ditch the frills that are costing you more and instead focus on helping you build a custom health plan designed to fit your employee culture more specifically than ever, while lowering your costs and increasing the quality  and accessibility of care for everyone enrolled – guaranteed.


Did you know your broker makes more than just the commission from your health plan?  Commissions, fees, overrides, bonuses, trips, dinners & entertainment… The list goes on… and on.  How much of your healthcare spend is paying for your brokers lavish lifestyle on the backs of your rising premiums?  Most employers are left blissfully unaware of the excess money going out the door that isn’t contributing toward your plan or the care being delivered to your members. We’ll show you where, how, and how much money is lining pockets and how broker commissions increase when your health plan costs do!