Traditional health plans are packed with unknown, unseen, perverse incentives. These incentives lead to financial benefits for multiple stakeholders within the health plan as the cost of care you provide your employees increases while the quality of care decreases. The result of this is what most employers see every year in their health insurance plan; increased cost and less benefit.  When the perverse incentives can be identified, measured, and reversed wherever possible, an environment is created in which costs are truly controlled and quality of care is prioritized.  Our assessment is designed to reveal these perverse incentives and show you what the financial impact is to your plan and to the health of your employees. We will create a checklist of action items that can be used to reverse decades of damage in the hands of the current system.


We believe wholeheartedly in transparency.  Without a clear picture of what’s broken, we cannot build a solution, and neither can you!  Using your own health plan data, our diagnostic tools and detailed analysis will highlight the variations in cost and quality of care. Your health plan diagnosis will reveal which parties are benefiting financially as your costs rise and where the road blocks have been placed that prevent you from building a true value based plan design.  We’ll show you where your employees can get better care, better outcomes, and more money back into their paychecks.


This is big.  The first course of treatment is to reverse the incentives that perpetuate the continued degradation of our healthcare system and ultimately, your healthcare spend.  This is your opportunity to take an active role in fixing the most financially damaging portion of our economy but also your chance to reinvent everything you’ve known about health insurance benefits and taking back control.  We will provide a complete breakdown of every ounce of fraud, waste, and abuse in your current benefits portfolio.  We’ll tell you which hospital systems are keeping your employees sick and which ones will help.  We’ll reveal the upward trend of your brokers paycheck and recommend value-based, nationally certified consultants that have a proven background in containing healthcare costs without compromising healthcare access and affordability.   With data backed recommendations, we’ll provide you a multi-step approach so you can take it fast or slow, with projected cost savings for each path you consider.


We recognize the value and power of collaboration so we work with industry partners and consultants who stand beside our values and our commitment to being honest.  We’ll never recommend a change or an advisor that would not foster your ability to keep seeing clearly into your plan.  We’ll even help guide you through the process of change by working directly with your recommended benefits advisor to walk through the analysis, the next steps, and the initial introduction.  We’re not looking to be your new broker — think of us instead as your protective layer above that.  We’ll keep you informed, safe, and on track, and we’ll make sure your new broker is committed to doing the right thing.

Our three-step strategy saves an average of 30% for employers in the first year with a guaranteed minimum of 20% savings.  Our methods are data-backed and validated by Health Rosetta and The Validation Institute.

Healthcare is broken, but we know how to fix it.